16 Şubat 2009 Pazartesi



The 46th day

The weather is freakin cold, I think it will snow tomorrow but the sky is very clear with white clouds. I took the 14.00 ferry to go to home. When I opened the door I looked for a seat next to the heater. I saw one and went there, a guy with a nice hat was sitting opposite of me. We greeted each other and I checked the heater as always. He smiled and told me that it's working, and we started to talk about the weather, island living, Istanbul, our jobs. When the topic came to jobs he told that he is an actor on a TV show, I felt embarassed because I don't know him. Actually I don't have a TV at home, I don't like it and told him this too. He said he is not a famous actor. So... Today's photo belongs to Kadir Bey, thanks for the chat...

Please, universal soul, practice
some song, or something, through me.

The 45th day

I went to meet with my girlfirends today. We couldn't meet for a long time and I was thinking we have lots of things to talk about. But when we met at Seyhan's house, we had dinner, chatted a little bit an started to make a puzzle !! yes, a puzzle. We are (or were?) 4 girls and 1 boy friend from Istanbul University (1998) and have stayed close since then. We went to different cities to live sometimes but we always had strong ties. This year the situation changed a lot. We have big changes in our lives and became self-centered I think. I missed my old days with my friends. Today's photo is Nesrin's legs! We had a lot of laughs with Seyhan. Actually she has very nice legs as you can see but... I took 2 photos, so you can see why it was so funny...

She had nice black shoes and red coat but she was freezing when arrived to house and changed her shoes first, so we had a little fun with her ;)

Who knows what is best for a sandgrin
or a drop of water, who opens

and closes our ability to love

Keep your friends warm :)

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