7 Şubat 2009 Cumartesi

Is it already spring?


The 34 th day

As the writer's becomes a friend,
as the tool the workman uses day after day
becomes deeply familiar, so her filigreed throne
was her one attachment.
Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive.
-Anais Nin
I want to introduce you my best friend at work, Rukiye. We are friends since 1993 and she is 15 years older than me, it means that she was my age when we met first. We've been talking about anything, from love to the endless space. I am sure you know what I mean.

The 35th day

I used to want buyers for my words.
Now I wish someone would by me away from words

We had a walk after work with Rukiye today. The weather was pretty good, there were a lot of fisherman at the sea side. We walked and talked about work and life. It would be great if we could get the best in every part of life ;)

The 36th day

When a man makes up a story for his child,
he becomes a father and a child
together, listening.

We took the first ferry with Sam today. He is going to Greece to renew his visa.We had the position to take a nap :) But after I took this photo we realized that we are not sleeping. I started to take a nap on the ferry last 1-2 months, I don't like it but I think my body needs.

The 37th day

Don't ask what love can make or do
Look at the colors of the world.
The riverwater moving in all rivers at once.

I took this photo from bus. The traffic was awful around Bebek, like " adım adım" (step by step). I had this wonderful sunset. Colors were amazing, I wish I could be able to draw this sunset. Bebek is also a harbour for small and medium size boats. This is a gulet which named "Leaf in Love", nice one.

The 38th day
Close these eyes to open the other
Let the center brighten your sight.

I don't know why it rains at the weekends. Doesn't she (!) know that I am looking forward the weekends to walk, take photos, get warmth with sun! Also we had a photography meeting for this sunday but they cancelled because of the weather.

Anyway, There are nice things too... For example small rain drops on a pink rose...
I hope you had a nice saturday as much as mine ;) and I am sure tomorrow will be better...

Love & Peace & Pink rose fairy

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