13 Şubat 2009 Cuma

Love, childhood and others

The 44th day

He is young again. And don't mention
the past. Do you understand?
The beloved is here.

Rain, wind, cat, love, internet... who am I to want more from the universe? :) As you can understand I couldn't go to outside to take photos. I am listening the music and wind and wandering if the roof will fly or not :) It's playing right now:
one love
one heart
let's get together and feel allright

The 43rd day

An empty mirror and your worst destructive habits
when they are held upto each other, that is when the real making begins.
That's what art and crafting are.

Travel bug bite me again but I am only scratching. I love this chocolate box with the hotel logos on it from all over the world and my passport. It is the money box for my passport and foreign currencies and saved money for travels by me. Sometimes I take them out and staring, this doesn't show that I am a mad girl, or it does?

The 42nd day

Husam, tell about the visions of Daquqi,
who said, I have traveled east and west
not knowing which way I was going,
following the moon, lost inside God.

This is the Kabataş ferry dock where I use to go to west or come from east ! Actually what is the east and west? Who decided which one is it? And if you are in India Istanbul is west. If you are in Greece it is east. Really? Is it only a line to divide us east-west, north-south? I am against all the borders, all the prejudices, all the politics and time ;)

The 40th day

A human being is essentially
a spirit-eye.
Whatever you really see,
you are that.

Hello Dear Friends,

Ok, maybe the quality of the photo is not good for you but I took this shot from bus and it was a rainy day, and I love this photo. This is Koumquat Coffee at Ortakoy area. There was an old house with a small garden there more than 30 years ago. You have been felt to fall down on the street when you sit on the closed balcony(cumba). I lived in this house more than 7 years, then my father bought a new house in Ortaköy and we moved to this more modern (!) apartment. If they were asked to me about moving thing I would say "NO" but they didn't. To be child in Ortaköy was amazing. We were going to seaside almost everyday. There was a bike renter, my elder sister Bahar was renting bike from him. I was renting 4 wheel bike(yesss, I know what you are telling). Now, I look at this ugly building when I am passing through every time and crying for old days... This is too much :) of course I am not crying but I am missing old days, is this a sign of getting old?

The 41st day

I have brought you a mirror.

Look at youself and remember me.

This is the worse part of the 365 project, you have to take everyday a photo even you don't feel in a mood for photography or the weather cloudy, dark and wet. But I have to keep doing... This photo is one of them. The light wasn't good, it was raining, i wasn't feel all right. But when I played the Rumi game with this photo it made sense a little bit. Photos or days like this one are mirrors for me which the universe sent. If I see dark side at the mirror how can I wait good things from the universe? So... shine baby shine ...

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