2 Şubat 2009 Pazartesi

more than 1 week :(


Hello My Dear Friends :)
Ok.. It's more than 1 week but I am keep taking photographs for everyday, So here are the photo of the days ....

The 26th day

Gamble everything for love,
If you are a true human being.
If not, leave this gathering

I tried to catch this amazing sunset at Ortaköy but I couldn't...Days are getting longer now... Do you know what does it mean? SPRING !!! :) Yes, it's coming... and after then summer will come which I missed a lot. The "summer time" is on my head recently.. I want to escape from the city to small places where the sun always shine... I think I need a motorbike for it, but first a helmet. or... a licence for motorbike !!! or... maybe I should learn how to ride a bike first...

The 27th day

The heart is a wheatgrain. We are the mill
where this body is a millstone
and thought, the moving river.
This charming young girl (13th years old) is the daughter of a collegue. She has been living in another city with her grandparents and visiting her mother at the holidays because it's very difficult to raise a child in İstanbul. It's at the 21st rank at the most crowded cities in the world list with official number (9.000.000). But everybody knows that Istanbul's population is around 15.000.000 and this number makes the rank at the top ten cities ! Istanbul is also a very expensive city (at the 29th rank at the same source). There different kind of peeople like everywhere, you can not trust everybody. People need money to live and there are hundreds of way to make money in a big city and some of them are not very good. As you can see it's not easy to raise children here. If you ask me, I think I couldn't do away from my child but life has surprises for all of us and we say in turkish " don't talk big" ;)
The 28th day
ok.. it's again a title of a poem :
The source of joy
Lovely Gato, she's so beautiful isn't she? I had some work to do at the head office of Istanbul on wednesday and I finished it till noon. It's very nice to being at home in weekdays earlier, especially if it is a sunny day like this one. Sam played with Gato a little bit, then she got bored again :) She has some concencration problems. She can only focusing a few minutes on something but except food and sleeping... Easy life... I want to be a cat in my next life
The 29th day
What can you do in a cloudy rainy day like this?
Night Prayer
Now I lay me down
to stay awake.
Pray the Lord my soul to take
into your wakefulness,
so that I can get this one bit
of wisdom clear.
Grace comes to forgive
and then forgive again.

The 30th day

Who makes these changes?
I shoot an arrow right.
It lands left.
I ride after a deer
and find myself chased by a hog.
I plot to get what I want
and end up in prison
I dig pits to trap others
and fall in
I should be suspicious
of what I want.

This is incredible, I am still keep doing this even these dark days... This photo has taken when I was going to work on friday. I am sure there are thousands worse fridays but this was mine for this week and it didn't serve me to feel all right....

The 31st day
Forms move from inorganic to vegetation
to selves endowed with spirit
through the urgency of every love
that wants to come to perfection.

Thinking abouth chilly and burgundy and black ... The life is so simple. But we do it complicated sometimes. It is always same, what we play, it is life. You'll get the bonus if you play well... Don't forget this:

There is no "game over" in this game ;) or.. maybe there is, who knows...
The 32nd day

We started to the shortest month of the year. Summer is on the door baby ;) In these thoughts I wanted to take a walk around our small green island but it was freezing so I went to the top of the hill and took a few photo but they were not good. I loved this one as the sunday photo because it reminded me the old times in Istanbul. We had been playing games on the street with friends untill late evening. Actually our mothers were calling us just before our fathers' arrival time. We did not have a lot of homework to do and we were neither in a bloody competition for being first or second in the class, nor to pass the examination for private schools.

There were only a few private school and I knew that I cannot go to them. So why should I mess my holidays??? But now, the parents want their children to make their dreams true and driving them like a horse. Maybe I am so harsh but in my opinion, a child should live her/his childhood, otherwise they won't know how to love, how to enjoy the life, how to laugh and the money will be their god. or did it happen already?

The 33rd day

When I played Rumi game for this photo, I opened an empty page !
I loved this old lady with her fragile oldness. Her feet cannot touch on the ground, she is not very comfortable on the bench but she has come to this park to enjoy winter sun. Actually we have a lot of sunny days in this winter, it didn't snow very well. I don't know what shall we do in this summer for water... Maybe I should learn a water dance or a song !
Love to you all...

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Alias Jones dedi ki...

beautiful beautiful... the dark sky, the girl, the gato, the old lady on the bench whose feet couldn't touch the ground... all beautiful, captured by beautiful you...

olivinlove dedi ki...

you forgot to count the beautiful you :)

Alias Jones dedi ki...

sometimes cheerfulness and darkness have more to do with the observer than with the observed...