17 Ocak 2009 Cumartesi

I love saturdays :)

Hello my friends,

It's weekend again and I am very happy... I did not go out today so the photo of the 17th day also taken from the house window :) Here it is,

We are three....

One of us kneels to kiss the threshold-dust.
One drinks with wine-flames playing over his face
One watches the gathering
and says to any cold onlookers,

This dance is the joy of existence.

I had another beautiful sunrise yesterday, actually all the sunrises are mostly very nice at the island also the full moons on the sea ! The 16th day photo is from yesterday's morning, beautiful sunrise...

I would love to kiss you.
The price of the kissing is your life.

Now my loving is running toward my life shouting,
What a bargain, let's buy it.

I tried to figure out why my photos are not very clear (sharp) on thursday when I was at work. I took lots of photos of my collegues and some of them are very good I think... I made one photo from 3 of them and my 15th day photo is here

If you have a body, where is the spirit?
If you are spirit, what is the body?

I chatted about the cats and dogs with a lady from island at the dock a few days ago. And when I was walkin to home on thursday a car stop near me, that lady was at the car and she and her husband took me to the house, it was very nice but a little smelly because the car was the garbage car of the island :)

Have a nice saturday...

Love&peace&madness ;)


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Adsız dedi ki...

loving the photo project so far!

sad there is only 348 days left... ;))

interesting how well the rumi lines match the photos... eerie!


Sherrlyn Borkgren dedi ki...

Great lines with the photos. Wonderful!