23 Ocak 2009 Cuma

days after days :)

It's been a long time again... But I admitted many times here and in some conversations with friends that "I am lazy". Really LAZY !!! I didn't feel good enough to go to work this week and took 4 days off from tuesday. I've been at home since then without doing anything. The weather has been beautiful the last 3 days and I watched the life from the window again, except yesterday.

Yesterday I woke up and hopped to the house work as if a mosquito bit me ;) The living room is very clean and tidy (it needs a little more) now.

Project 365 is still alive, don't worry. I'll go back day by day again with photos...
Today is the 23rd day and it's raining, the storm almost hit the island, the wind is strong... You got it, I have many excuses to not to go outside to take a photo, so it's from the window again...

One of the marvels of the world
is the sight of a soul sitting in prison
with the key in its hand.

The 22nd day was my cleaning day, I don't want to bother you with my mop and sweep things. So this photo is from the back patio in the morning. There was a seagul on the roof of the house in front of us, actually they were a couple, Sam said they live close to our hippie pad and come for early morning exercises everyday :)

Lovers keep moving, never the same,
not for a second.

The 21st day I was toooo busy to even go to window to take a photo, so I took that photo from my couch! Sam is having fun with Gato but she easily got bored from that game, you'll see this photo at the end of the post.

Evolutionary Intelligence

The 20th day I went to work but I felt that I couldn't stay there all day long and I took 4 days off to stay at home for a while. I went to the ferry dock earlier and decided to wait outside because the weather was wonderful, the sun was heating my bones ;) I saw an old lady on a bench near the cafe and asked If I can sit next to her, then we started to chatting. She was knitting a beautiful blue-ish tie-ish thingy :) Her story was interesting enough and I am sure she won't be angry with me if I write about it here.

Human beings, you have a great value
inside your form, a seed. Be led
by the rose inside the rose

She's been living in Heybeliada (the third of the Princess islands) selling handcrafts she made and tailoring. She just had an operation on her eyes but she is still knitting and told me that "I am still working hard because I have to earn my own money. I don't trust anyone, they don't want me to be good". I didn't ask who they are or what happened with her children, I am sure if I asked the conversation would have never ended... She got married when she was 18 and lost her husband 16 years later, raised her 2 children alone. Her eyes were wet while she was talking about when her father took her to watch the ceremony for the first woman pilot Sabiha Gökçen when she was 4 years old. she saw Atatürk there and as she told me "this was so precious like jewelry".
Maybe 20 minutes later we got on the ferry, she came to my seat and gave her phone numbers and asked if I can help her to find new customers for handcrafts. I promised her that I'll talk to my friends at work, she was happy and she wanted to give me the blue tie as a gift. I didn't want to take it free but would rather buy it. When she asked why I want to pay, I said that she spent effort (with opareted eyes), her imagination, her time, her money so I have to pay for this. Finally she made a %50 discount for me and we had a deal ;) If you want to stop by her shop when you visit Heybeliada the address is: Şaziment Dikimevi , karakolun karşısı... easy... Thank you Şaziment Teyze, you shined my day...

The 19th day photo is from Beşiktaş again... I don't know if the birds (as you see in this photo) were doing this ceremony before or I just started to pay attention but this " bird dance" is fascinating for me. Maybe a hundred of them live in the same tree (a special one I think) and they start to their dance all together... They have some rituals like making the infinity sign, then separate and turn and come together again. I stop and watch this amazing dance when or wherever I am.

Do you ask the moon to rise
and give its light?

This show reminded me of the book " Talisman " by Stephen King& Peter StrauB. I was 15 years old when I first read it and I finished the book within 24 hours without sleeping ! It touched me somehow I cannot explain but if you read the book I am sure you'll understand ... There was a part that the main character (esas oğlan in turkish ;)) Jack passed to the other dimension and saw the big birds flying far away. When he came close he saw that they were not birds but men with wings ! he stops, sits and watchs them till the end of their flying dance show. At the end he realized that fliying dance is very painful for the bird-men but they continue to do and maybe the most fascinating part is, this is not a show but an practise for maybe 30 minutes of the show! Jack asks to himself "what kind of person can be happy in such a pain" and he answers himself "It doesn't matter how much pain they have. they enjoy it, they live a mysterious life and the only thing that helps them to live is JOY"...

This was first time I read a book with two authors so I went to the bookstore and bought one of each of their books to see which one impressed me so much. Since then I became a fan of Stephen King and I stronly recommend his "Dark Tower" series for those who love the fantasy-reality (?) books.

And... at the end... Ladies and Gentelmen, the worldwide photographer Belgin Zeytin in her pijamas :) This is the 18th day photo I think... Lazy lazy lazy...

I think she found a more interesting thing to play ;)

My new blu-ish tie-is thingy, made in Şaziment Dikimevi, Heybeliada :)

I want to say good bye with Jack's words today :

"Go then, there are other worlds than these." (Gunslinger, Stephen King)

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