13 Ocak 2009 Salı

days 11, 12 and 13 :)

Hello everybody...

I am a little bit late again but to be late is better than nothing ;) We went to Özlem&Hans' house on sunday. Hans is a friend of Sam and I met with them when they invited us to their xmas party. They are a very nice couple with good friends. Day 11 photo taken on the way from ferry to Beşiktaş. This is the "door of the Sultan" of Dolmabahçe Palace. Soldiers guard this door 24 hours, it's a symbol because of Atatürk has died in this palace in 1938.

The sun rises,
but which way does the night go?

And... This is the day 12 photo.

Sevda is working at the night shift in the hospital because of she is a student. She is beautiful, isn't she? I took this photo on monday morning after her 24 hours shift ! * When I played the Rumi game for this photo, I did not open a poem page but the writer's page which is talking about Amergin's Song. and my finger was on the word that you see as title !!!

And day 13 photo...

There is a strange frenzy in my head

of birds flying

each particle circulating on its own

Is the one I love everywhere?

I went to Taksim to spend my cloth money today. Government give us cloth money everyyear to buy new work uniform but they don't know the prices i think. The money is 19 Tl (9 €) for 2008 :) I bought a teapot and paid 1 tl more...

This man was selling the bubble guns on the street. The bubbles had amazing colors but I couldn't focus on them so they seen blur :( Finally I decided to make it b&w, it's better...

To be continue ;)

Love & peace & selling only bubble guns

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