30 Mayıs 2010 Pazar

Cat session

Recently I photographed cats for a lady who has more than 50 of them ! She is willing to find good families to them so one of her friends has sent a message to freecycle istanbul group to find a photographer to take their photographes for the advertisement. They were looking for a professional but I answered her message and at last I got a very interesting cat session :)

Some of you will remember that I used to look after a cat family at the island home. But this time those cats really didn't like me at all... They tried to escape from my camera always. They scared, get angry, run around like crazy :)

Finally I got around 300 hundreds shots but I am not satisfied with them. I don't think that they can find a good family with those pictures :)

Good night to all of you


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martı dedi ki...

The one in the last photo gets me!! So fierce but I kinda like it!! :)