27 Ağustos 2009 Perşembe

I had visitors from Tunisia

A few weeks ago I had guests from Tunisia. Bukola & Leandro...

Bukola is an old friend from couchsurfing, he fell in love with Istanbul and is a repeat customer now ;)

Leandro is a collegue of Bukola, he is Porteguese which means I liked him at first sight :)

They came to Istanbul because of a wedding party of their collegue's daughter, thanks to her...

I took Bukola to my tango class as always I do to all of my friends... He helped himself when I was sweating with dance and he got a gift from this gorgeus girl, Sırma :) As you can see he is very happy with the gift on his wrist ;)

I am happy to have them around again too... I already miss his witty sense of humour :)))

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